The Things We Carry

This morning on my way to work, I saw a co-worker walking down the street in front of me. He was carrying nothing — no gym clothes and sneakers, no backpack with library books, no magazines, no homemade lunch, no folders with to do lists and rough drafts of essays, no workbooks for tuturing — NOTHING. It always kills me when I see people walk into or out of my office with their hands dangling by their sides while I’m carrying two bags. But I guess when some people leave the house in the morning, they only care about work, and I only care about everything else.

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  1. procrastinator Says:

    kills me too, i always think of this as a san francisco thing, since when i was in LA i kept it all in my car, all my stuff was like a secret no one needed to know, now i have a big bag for all to see…

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